Sunday, September 11, 2005

Donut to Dogathon

Donut: Last week, both Coolboy & Nicejellybean took me to Dogathon 2005 Kuala Lumpur so that I can socialize with other Doggies. At the gathering, there were games, dog competitions and doggie stuff. Here are some pics taken at the Dogathon.

There were many breed of dogs at the gathering. Some wore fancy clothes and accessories. Some were plain naked ...

Donut: Yikes! What an enormous doggie. He is the biggest dog I've seen.

Donut: I want all the nice clothes ... I don't care.... I want.

Nicejellybean bought me new clothes with red & white stripes. I looked very smart looking and cute. Coolboy complained that my new T-Shirt is more expensive than his T-Shirt ! (which was not true by the way)

Introducing "Cowboy Dog" from Texas

See how tiny I am beside the Big Dog ...

Very Big Dog: Kiss my nose and I will protect you.
Donut: OK, Godfather !