Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Away for few days

Yep, my Hoomans are going for their holiday break again. Whilst Coolboy and Nicejellybean travel to Indochina, I will be home boarding at Amber-Mae's for few days ! I hear the place where my Hoomans are going is freaking hot ... whew ! I don't like humid and hot weather so it's good thing they decided to leave me behind. Ooooh, I am so looking forward to my own little pet holiday and will continue with my posts when I return from boarding.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Pwincess Bed and New Bowl

Here's ME sleeping in my new pwincess bed which my Hoomans bought from Ikea Store. I think my Hoomans kinda regret buying it for me cos I have been chewing on the fabric when they are not looking. Hee! Hee!

The metal doggie bowl which I have been eating my meals from for past couple months could not be used anymore. After its rubber band loosened and came off around the sides, the bowl would skid everywhere which annoys me. Anyways, I am eating from a new bowl and the old bowl has been modified into a water hole. This new one is practical and has anti slide stopper. There are different dog pictures all over I get the feeling that I am eating my meals with my imaginary friends, sort of.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I look like I am under arrest and sent into a jail house. In fact I am all hyped up and excited whenever my Hoomans says ' inside Mimi'. It means we are going out somewhere fun. That's when I'll run into the pet carrier and wait for my Hoomans patiently for them to take me out. Usually, it's a trip to the Groomers, a leisurely car ride, going for doggie events or to weekend dim sum breakfast with Coolboy and Nicejellybean. At places where I am not allowed outside, I will stay-in my pet carrier and peek through my peep hole ! In this photo I was waiting in a corner whilst the Hoomans was having their lunch at a Cafe.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mud Wrap

Being dunk into 'dirty' mud doesn't sound so glamorous and I was not really looking forward to a mud treatment at De Fairy Pet Spa. Boy, was I wrong. We were told this special sea mud also promotes long-lasting beneficial effects for dry and flaky skin. Unlike what people think the sea mud treatment is actually holistic and cleansing. And it was no ordinary mud and certainly not the kinda stuff that little piggies rolled around in (eeew!)

First I was given a wash and bubble bath

I had a nice scrub from the head to toe and all the way to my last wrinkle on my face.

After rinsing off the shampoo, the Groomer applied sea mud into the fur while still wet.

The sea mud was applied thoroughly all over my whole body

Next I was wrapped into a plastic wrap and blanket. Also given another round of massage to enhance circulation. Oooh I am so lurving it !

Hee ! Hee ! the poking tickled a bit. Didn't quite understand what is going on though ...

Afterwards, I was placed under this steamer machine for another 15 minutes. The steamer had a funny sound like this .... hsssssst. Here's Me all wrapped up and steamed.

Can you tell ? I was already in a meditative state of pure relaxation and deep inner peace. Yawn.

After the steaming session, the Groomer took off my mud wrap and rinsed the mud off my body

I don't like this part though and wanted to escape from the super loud blow dryer but I liked that I was dry and clean in the end.

It was a good day for me at the spa. The mud wrap and bubble bath was effective because afterwards my sensitive skin felt smooth and fabulous. What a blissful day it was !

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pumpkin Meal

Oooh, what can I say ... the yellow pumpkin is my favourite now. Nicejellybean introduced pumpkin (steamed) as a substitute when she found out that it was the baked sweet potatoes that caused me Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Pumpkin tastes sweeter, its texture softer and yummier than whatever 'potatoes' I had eaten before.

In addition to a healthy diet of boiled broccolis mixed with kibbles, I am eating this combination rotated on alternate days for my dinner: pumpkin (steamed or boiled)+cooked salmon+ kibbles OR pumpkin (steamed or boiled)+cooked beef+kibbles. However, when my Hoomans are lazy I am served broccolis + kibbles only or just boring kibbles. Actually, Nicejellybean noticed that I always want more but I am not allowed to have 2nd helpings. Hee! Hee! She's afraid I might suddenly become a fat lady ( oh no ... we dun want that to happen)

Enjoying my meal and eating at full speed ... non stop

if I likey ... I'll lick my whole bowl until it's spanking clean.

Usually Nicejellyebean makes batches for 3 days when preparing my meals, portion the food out into small containers to freeze and defrost 1 day before when needed.

Update: I am enjoying all the nutritions I need for a healthy pug and I have no problems with the new diet plans, so far. There is also vast improvement to my skin eversince I stopped on treats and canned/hooman food. Hopefully, I am gradually looking pwettier and pwettier day by day.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Dark Side of Mimi

Everybody thinks I am a sweet angel but I can be SCWARY too! Here's the other side of me which nobody has seen before. Don't get me wrong, I just like to act tough like a lioness, when I play tug-of-war with Hoomans. Grrrrrr.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lamb and Broccoli

Starting today, I am following a strict home-prepared diet which means no more treats or human food. I hope that my skin sensitivities (sometimes caused by the chemicals preservatives in the food, environment or allergies) can be resolved with a simple adjustment of diet. Nicejellybean says I have to eat healthy until I am pwetty again. Tonight, she prepared cooked lamb and boiled broccoli with kibbles, hmmmm strange but this combination sure is yummy. Raw broccoli was too hard for my tiny teeth, so Nicejellybean had to boil the vegetable to make them soft. Here's how to prepare this meal :

Cut into small cubes before cooking broccoli and lamb

Then mix the boiled broccoli and cooked lamb with kibbles.

When it was ready, I could not wait to dig in.

My Hoomans was really surprised that I finnished the whole bowl including all the broccolis too ! Slurp. Now, every time Nicejellybean goes to the fridge or microwave something, I will be right there, waiting expectantly for my meal. What's next on the menu , I wonder ?