Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mud Wrap

Being dunk into 'dirty' mud doesn't sound so glamorous and I was not really looking forward to a mud treatment at De Fairy Pet Spa. Boy, was I wrong. We were told this special sea mud also promotes long-lasting beneficial effects for dry and flaky skin. Unlike what people think the sea mud treatment is actually holistic and cleansing. And it was no ordinary mud and certainly not the kinda stuff that little piggies rolled around in (eeew!)

First I was given a wash and bubble bath

I had a nice scrub from the head to toe and all the way to my last wrinkle on my face.

After rinsing off the shampoo, the Groomer applied sea mud into the fur while still wet.

The sea mud was applied thoroughly all over my whole body

Next I was wrapped into a plastic wrap and blanket. Also given another round of massage to enhance circulation. Oooh I am so lurving it !

Hee ! Hee ! the poking tickled a bit. Didn't quite understand what is going on though ...

Afterwards, I was placed under this steamer machine for another 15 minutes. The steamer had a funny sound like this .... hsssssst. Here's Me all wrapped up and steamed.

Can you tell ? I was already in a meditative state of pure relaxation and deep inner peace. Yawn.

After the steaming session, the Groomer took off my mud wrap and rinsed the mud off my body

I don't like this part though and wanted to escape from the super loud blow dryer but I liked that I was dry and clean in the end.

It was a good day for me at the spa. The mud wrap and bubble bath was effective because afterwards my sensitive skin felt smooth and fabulous. What a blissful day it was !


bosco said...

wow princess mimi.. that sure looks like mighty great pampering. :)

fit for a princess..

Amber-Mae said...

Oh, you're turn with the mud treatment! Hehehe! Unfortunately, the mud didn't do much for Chloe's skin & fur. She was still itchy & her fur wasn't all that soft...My hoomans just let us be bathed in salt water coz usually there's improvement after that. You looked all relaxed when being steamed...I bet you smell like flowers now.

After we were brought home that day, my mommy discovered that we have been shaved under our bellies & my mommy was shocked & was very unhappy becoz the groomer did not ask her permission 1st. It was totally unnecessary becoz we're not like Shih Tzus or Poodles that need to be shaved underneath. We're now itching like crazy becoz our new hair growing out is poky! Sigh... It looks like my hoomans have to be there after all to watch.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

CoCo said...

Wow Mimi...that is quite a BATH. It would me my nightmare and I would try to escape at the front door. I don't like baths of any nature let alone SPAs where you get rinsed twice.

I'm glad you had a great time. You look super cute and relaxed! Lucky for me, my Mama has not found any such place for dogs here in the states, otherwise I would be in trouble!