Tuesday, June 20, 2006

FIFA Pug Cup 2006

Coolboy: In the spirit of the on-going FIFA World Cup 2006, we bought Donut his first football jersey. Meet the Pugballer from Brazil, Donudinho a.k.a. Ronaldinho !!

Donut: Donudinho - 3 Coolboy - 0 Woof ! Woof !

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Like an Angel

Nicejellybean: I am so happy that Donut is quite attached to his bed I bought for him recently. It makes me smile to see him lying in his bed during naptime or when he is poofed out. This is so whenever Coolboy and I pick Donut up after his weekly grooming session, he gets very sleepy and tired when he reaches home and become very quiet like an angel (see the pics below) Hmmm ... I wonder what Donut does during grooming time. My guess is he's playing with other furkids and looking at other furkids getting groomed. I took some pics of Donut resting ... looking very cute as usual.