Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How old are you now?

Borned 1.4 kg. Gained 4.2 kg. Now 5.6 kg.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Common food no-nos for Pets

Nicejellybean: Interesting facts about foods that can be toxic for our Pets. Abstract of the article from

1. Chocolate
staggering, laboured breathing, vomiting, diarhea, abdominal pain, tremours, fever, heart rate increase, arrythmia, seizures, coma, death
2. Coffee / Cocoa
staggering, laboured breathing, vomiting, diarhea, abdominal pain, tremours, fever, heart rate increase, arrythmia, seizures, coma, death
3. Onions
Hemolytic Anemia, laboured breathing, liver damage, vomiting, diarhea, discoloured urine
4. Mushrooms
abdominal pain, drooling, liver damage, kidney damage, vomiting diarhea, convulsions, coma, death
5. Grapes / Raisins
vomiting, diarhea, abdominal pain, lethargy

Oops! I just fed Donut some grapes...whew....nothing serious happenned. In future, no more grapes for Donut.

Monday, November 28, 2005

About Sam, the Ugliest Dog

Nicejellybean: Pugley Poo's blog wrote about the ugliest dog in the world. OMG he does have a horrible looking body but tis touching to know that there are kindred souls who accepts Sam and care for him just the same. Sam crossed the Rainbow Bridge last week. Read more about Sam the Ugliest Dog at or

Sunday, November 27, 2005

CSI Who chewed RM100?

Coolboy: Woke up this morning and discovered that two of our RM50 notes shredded to pieces. The only living object in our apartment who could reach into our wallet and who does not appreciate the real value of RM100 is no other then our Monster, Donut ...

At first, I was so so very upset because RM100 could buy me a lot of things eg: 10 “Magic the Gathering” booster packs or two gold class movie ticket or one very good Thai Massage or .... (the list can go on and on) but ... ahem, as an “understanding” father, I think I better give the Monster a benefit of doubt. Maybe the "Culprit" is a bird or is it my other two green turtles who has committed the crime, right? So, here's how I started my very “detailed” crime scene investigation (CSI). Aha! I found two tiny pieces of RM50 notes hidden between Donut's fav places - the floor cushions. The tiny pieces matches perfectly with the big dollar notes plus the notes are slightly wet with Donut's saliva. Thus, little monster must be the Culprit. Better bring him for questioning .... After about 10 minutes of questioning, Donut finally admitted he chewed the RM50 notes.

...... no,no,no.....that pathetic or "please for give me" look will not help you a bit !

After he admited that he did commit the crime (no reason given), we decided to bring Donut to Local Police Station for confession.

Coolboy & Nicejellybean: Donut is punished in cage for two hours. We think that the punishment is too light. Wha da ya think peeps ???

Friday, November 25, 2005


Donut has been so very naughty and uncontrollable ie yapping and barking out of no reason at all. He wakes up early in the moring when everyone else is still sleeping. Refuse to eat his dinner and we have to hand feed the monster. He eats just a little and does not finnish his dinner. Gnaws at all our furniture, bites newspapers, magazines and even toilet paper rolls.

We threatenned the Monster and decided we will not hesitate to pack him off to SPCA.

Then, we read an article Abstract from Malay Mail: Fond memories of Merah Kuala Lumpur, Nov 12: "The sisters and their father, Aliff Lam Abdullah, took Merah and her four kittens to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama in Ampang here on Oct 31 for adoption. Four days later, when they returned to check on the cats, they were told by a SPCA officer that all five cats had been put to sleep as no one wanted to adopt them. Aliff claimed he was not informed by the officer-in-charge about the time frame for the cats to be put to sleep if no one adopted them. He said if he had knew what would happen to the cats, they would have left the cats with friends."

Oh, is that what happens to unwanted animals at SPCA ???? Oh dear Donut .....

Sleepless Nights ...

Coolboy: Of late, Donut's night time routine is ...

11.30pm A little supper time with doggie biscuits or nibbling some leftovers from Donut's Dinner (he does not finnish dinner and leaves half portion in the bowl) Dunno why?
Mid-Night Donut dozes off and sometimes he will jump on us in our beds. Most of the time we "persuade" him to sleep by singing or the easy way - make him run till he tires out.
Between 12 till 3am Donut sleeps or goes to pee pee or makes soft whinning sounds
4am Donut makes loud whinning sounds and sometimes barking/yapping. He uses his feet to poke us/nibbles our toes. (He wants to play !!!!)
(During this time, we have no choice but to wake up also. To keep him quiet Donut gets extra doggie biscuits and we are thinking of giving 1 greenie bone to quiet him down.)
5am We ignore him. Doze off again
6am He wakes up and makes loud whinning noises !!!! Runs around when we ignore him (at this point of time, we try really hard to get sleep) However, he runs more and nibble our toes when we ignore him more.

Coolboy & Nicejellybean: sleepy sigh :(

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sleepy Nut

We could not resist smiling as we looked at the cutest dog in the world. We took some pics of Donut while he was bumped-out on the sofa.

After a short car ride with Coolboy & Nicejellybean, Donut is tired and resting on the sofa. The sofa is one of his favourite place where Donut likes to take his in-between bedtime naps. Other fav spots are sleeping/sitting on floor cushions and beside Coolboy on the bed.

Donut sleeping soundly and if you listen closely Donut is actually snoring. Hopefully the snoring will not get louder as he grows up !

Coolboy & Nicejellybean: Donut is awake and lying quietly on Mommy's lap starring at the camera man. As with most puggies, Donut likes to follow our footsteps everywhere we go ie. to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. including sticking closely to us on the sofa while we watch TV. If Donut is not on the sofa with us, Donut will still find a sitting spot near the sofa and never let us out of his sight. Donut: STOP taking pictures of me or else I'll start yapping !

Another photo of Donut in sleeping mode taken during a pugsquad party. Donut must be so bumped-out that he decided to nap on Pugsquad Mama's lap looking really cute instead.