Friday, November 18, 2005

Sleepy Nut

We could not resist smiling as we looked at the cutest dog in the world. We took some pics of Donut while he was bumped-out on the sofa.

After a short car ride with Coolboy & Nicejellybean, Donut is tired and resting on the sofa. The sofa is one of his favourite place where Donut likes to take his in-between bedtime naps. Other fav spots are sleeping/sitting on floor cushions and beside Coolboy on the bed.

Donut sleeping soundly and if you listen closely Donut is actually snoring. Hopefully the snoring will not get louder as he grows up !

Coolboy & Nicejellybean: Donut is awake and lying quietly on Mommy's lap starring at the camera man. As with most puggies, Donut likes to follow our footsteps everywhere we go ie. to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. including sticking closely to us on the sofa while we watch TV. If Donut is not on the sofa with us, Donut will still find a sitting spot near the sofa and never let us out of his sight. Donut: STOP taking pictures of me or else I'll start yapping !

Another photo of Donut in sleeping mode taken during a pugsquad party. Donut must be so bumped-out that he decided to nap on Pugsquad Mama's lap looking really cute instead.

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