Sunday, July 02, 2006

July Pug Meet

Nicejellybean: Happy puggies and their slaves made their way to Manisan House for an evening of pugball for pugs and a BBQ dinner. The adults were busy chatting and eating whilst them puggies mingled (or sniffed) around. We had 3 pugs at the party - Giant Pingpong, Piggy Puggy and Donut. Donut came in his football jersey and tried to play football with Pingpong but he was not interested.

Donut: Let's play football ...

Donut: Awww ... he is not interested.

*(From L-R) Giant Pingpong, Piggy Puggy and Donut.*

Nicejellybean: The weather was warm and breezy. Piggy Puggy kept us busy that night, who if left unguarded likes to sneak herself into the trashbin looking for leftovers.

*Puggy ... NO,NO,NO.*

Nicejellybean: Our host arranged the BBQ dinner outdoors in an old rustic corner. Most chipped in to BBQ so it was fun. We had BBQ-ed chicken wings, lamb, sausages, coleslow, mashed potato, garlic bread and honey buttered bananas.

*malaysian style grill*

*An old rustic corner provided the ambience for our BBQ *

*The sumptious BBQ spread*

Nicejellybean: Lastly, thank goodness for pug meetups where Donut gets to meet other furkids just like him. Bringing Donut to such event helps him to socialise and grow up to be an active, friendly and social pug. The next good thing for us is that Donut is usually tired out for 2 days. Yeah, baby !

*Happy Donut*