Thursday, February 16, 2006

Donut wants to go too !

Donut: I found out today that my Papa have to travel to the UK for product training. OMG, who's going to sleep with me? who's going to clean my cage? who's going to give me daily training and most importantly who's going to bath me and feed me and “sayang” me and clean my wrinkle face, sing night night song for me ??? I don't want u to go!!! I don't care. Grrrrrrr. So the moment he took out his big suitcase for packing, I straight away hopped into it and stayed there hoping he will take me too.

Nicejellybean: You cannot follow your Papa because UK does not allow Pet Travel Scheme. Donut dear, your Papa is only away for 3 weeks and will be back soon. Be a good boy , OK?

Friday, February 10, 2006

New Outfit for CNY

Donut: Gong Xi Gong Xi Fa Chai! Here's wishing everybody (Puggies & Slaves) another 365 more days of prosperity, good health and much happiness in life. Mommy could not find me an oriental chinese costume so I had to make do with a "sort of" red outfit which suited me well. Don't I look handsome!