Friday, September 15, 2006

Holiday in Cameron Highlands

Donut: Last weekend, I went on a trip to Cameron Highlands with Coolboy and Nicejellybean together with some people I've not met before. Most places in Malaysia are not pet-friendly so when Coolboy managed to find a pet-friendly place to stay in Cameron Highlands we were both surprised and excited. Coolboy actually sent an email request to Cameron Holiday Services and they arranged a pet-friendly accomodation for us. Below are my knick knacks that Coolboy packed for my journey. However, he forgot to pack a very important item. Can you tell from the picture below what is missing ?

Donut's must-haves for the trip

Donut: In the midst of the excitement and stress of packing for the trip, Coolboy forgot to include MY SNOOPY BOWL ! (unhappy face) I had to eat my dinner from an unfamiliar and strange human bowl.

Are we there yet ?

Nicejellybean: Travelling up to Cameron Highlands takes approx. 4 hours via a winding road by car. We passed by the rainforest and saw many aboriginal huts along the way. On the way to Cameron Highlands, we stopped for a rest at the waterfalls. Donut climbed higher up the rocks for a better view. Then, he got scared and refused to come down. We had to coax him (by tugging his leash) to get him down !

The Lion King (smaller version)

Help me!

Donut: After reaching the Highlands, we checked-in a resort style apartment which had a great view. Sometimes, the clouds gather around and everything looks misty. The weather was cold and the mountain air really fresh. I had to put on double layer of clothes to keep myself nice and warm. I was not used to staying overnight in an unfamiliar place and I felt a little homesick. Sigh !

The nice view from the balcony

Surrounded by misty clouds

Coolboy: One of my favourite activity here is bringing Donut on morning walks. Donut likes to "run" really fast that sometimes it's difficult to keep up. The only time he stops "galloping" is when he's attracted to the colourful flowers along the path. He'll pause and start sniffing them !

My morning walk

Sniff, sniff

No, you cannot eat them

Pretty flowers

Nicejellybean: Cameron Highlands is home to many strawberry and vegetable farms. Here, tea plantations spread out as far as the eye can see. We visited the Boh Tea Plantation at Sungai Palas and went to a strawberry farm, whose owner was kind enough to let Donut roam around the strawberry fields.

In front of Boh Tea Centre at Sungai Palas

A tea picker harvesting tea at Sungai Palas tea plantation

Strawberries are grown in abundance all year round at the Highlands

We all had a relaxing holiday in Cameron Highlands. Donut, as usual was tired when reaching home and he was also not keen to follow us whenever we went out. I guess the outing to Cameron Highlands was enough doggy excitement for Donut ... for now that is.