Saturday, September 22, 2007

On A Lazy Weekend

The best place to have a good naptime is ...


Under a mountain of clothes


Do not disturb


YAWN ... It's so comfy

Oh well , time for a nice snooozzzzz.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mimi, The Sexy Model

Coolboy: While Mimi's resting from her recent minor operation, we would like to share some of her cutest pictures from now on until she is fully recover.

So, today's picture is ...


Personally, I like this pic a lot. I shot with Nikon D40 during a Sunset Moment in the apartment. The lighting is perfect. However, Mimi does not seem to like wearing her new dress .....

Stay tune for next photo.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Minor Surgery

We left Mimi overnight with the Vet at St Angel Animal Medical Centre for a minor surgery. According to the Vet, Mimi has a cyst which had become infected and it was filled with pus. So they have to put Mimi under sedation, cut an incision and clear out the yellow fluid. It was only 2 days ago we noticed a large round bump at the back of the neck. It was firm, swollen, and painful because Mimi turned her head away when we touched the area. The surgery is simple and not high risk. All they are doing is to cut away the cyst and clean up the area proper. We are not too worried about the surgery but Mimi probably not liking going without food and water for the next 12 hours before the surgery.

Sit and Circle Together Trick ??

This is Mimi's new trick - circling while sitting down. She's got attitude like a true lady pug. Ha! Ha! I bet not many out there can do it like she does !

Monday, September 10, 2007

Eukanuba/Petn You Dog Carnival

Last Sunday, Mimi went for a social outing to the annual Dog Carnival organised by Eukanuba.This event was held at Central Park mainly because most other public places are off limits for dogs in this country. Amongst the attractions on that day were exciting K9 X-games, dog sports and trials, clowns, balloon sculpting, face painting and food stalls. On this Sunday morning, Mimi's tail started to wag left and right because when she saw us packing her stuff into a bag, she knew something exciting is in store for her.

We arrived around 10am and already there were many doggies and owners strolling at the park. We noticed Mimi was uncomfortable walking with the leash but after a few practice sessions walking around the park, she was fine. However, the heat from the sun was scorching hot hence we did not do much walking other than checking out the stall offerings. Nothing much there either.

Mimi saying "hello"

Mixing around whilst exploring the carnival grounds

Cooling off beside Amber, the Golden Retriever under the shade in a tent.

Got a basic health check-up at the Vet Stall for just Rm5

It was really becoming very humid by then and we were just not in the mood to walk around anymore. So we decided to leave the dog party and send Mimi for a grooming at nearby Pet Safari in Ikano Power Centre (Shopping Centre). The Pet Safari is a pet store located in an air-conditioned environment that also allows pets to roam freely in its premise.This was also Mimi's first visit to the store.

Here's Mimi all clean and nice after the grooming session.

Sniffing at toys and goodies in Pet Safari

Mimi went up and down the different aisle in this huge store

At Pet Safari, we bought Mimi a new 100% cotton Made-in-Japan pink dress at 40% discount. It was still not cheap as things from Japan are expensive here.

Mimi girl looking pwetty in Pink

At the end of the day all of us were poofed. Surpringly after an exhausting day, Mimi managed to learn a new funny trick which we'll post for another day. Stay tune.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Note from Solid Gold Dancer's Mommy

Photo by Amber's Mommy

We received an email from Amber, Faith and Chloe's Mommy. She was also thoughtful to send us photos of Mimi whilst boarding with the Big Dogs.

" Hi there! How's Mimi now? Still exhausted from her fun outing last Sunday? Man, she had a GREAT holiday with us. We brought her to the training field to socialize with others. She did a bit but was abit scared and shy. Khoo Boo Gee adores her alot and wanted to kidnap her coz he loves pugs sooo much! Hehehehe... Then we brought her to our friends HUGE bungalow house with a huge garden and huge compound for all of our dogs and her to run up and down. She found a good friend there. She is a basset hound and they both were best friends. She also played in a pool and we also gave her a fast bath. She really had a good time, I thought she would be knocked out dead by the time we come back home but no ..... She still had energy to play & run up & down the house. Hehehe! She was just a cutie and we don't mind her boarding with us again but one thing lah, she needs to be brought out more coz she does not want to walk when she's put down to walk outside our home. And errr ... her toilet habits .... She hardly used her cage & peed & pooed everywhere in the house & peed once on the couch. But otherwise, she was a good girl overall. Okay anyway, I've attached some pics of her. Hope you like them. Have a nice day! "

Thank you for including Mimi in your fun social activities, puting up with Mimi's playfulness and also her unpredictable toilet habits. No wonder Mimi looked very dissapointed and bored when we brought her back !

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Away from the City

Hi All, we are back ! Being the stressful people that we are with more responsibilities each day, it's time for a much needed downtime and dissapear for a holiday alone. Otherwise, we'll go c-r-a-z-y! For us daily chores, work, family commitments are all part of our hectic schedule and life here. Hardly remembered the last holiday we had which was way back in the month of April. Although we went away for 3 days (without Mimi), Mimi's interest was our main concern.

Before going on the trip, we had 2 options whether to send Mimi for boarding with Pug Mama Sally or the Big Dogs. After surveying both places prior to her boarding, Mimi adamantly chose to play with the Big Dogs - Amber, Chloe and Faith ! See what we mean in this video clip.

At first we were not sure if Mimi would get along with dogs three times her size but she was not afraid and had fun instead. Mimi's new friends are truly gentle and did not mind although Mimi innocently stepped over them.

(L-R) Faith and Amber checking out Mimi's stuff

Mimi wants to play and sniffing on Amber's furry tail

Mimi feeling at ease beside Chloe

We took a drive up to Cameron Highlands and only stayed for two days. However, on our first day, crowds, heavy traffic and tourists made the stay a little unbearable. The highland was much relaxing on our second day after most of the tourists have gone back. It was nice because the weather was really cold due to the rainy season and our time was spent hibernating in the huge and spacious room watching DVDs. Here's some photos we took as a reminisce of our stay.