Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Note from Solid Gold Dancer's Mommy

Photo by Amber's Mommy

We received an email from Amber, Faith and Chloe's Mommy. She was also thoughtful to send us photos of Mimi whilst boarding with the Big Dogs.

" Hi there! How's Mimi now? Still exhausted from her fun outing last Sunday? Man, she had a GREAT holiday with us. We brought her to the training field to socialize with others. She did a bit but was abit scared and shy. Khoo Boo Gee adores her alot and wanted to kidnap her coz he loves pugs sooo much! Hehehehe... Then we brought her to our friends HUGE bungalow house with a huge garden and huge compound for all of our dogs and her to run up and down. She found a good friend there. She is a basset hound and they both were best friends. She also played in a pool and we also gave her a fast bath. She really had a good time, I thought she would be knocked out dead by the time we come back home but no ..... She still had energy to play & run up & down the house. Hehehe! She was just a cutie and we don't mind her boarding with us again but one thing lah, she needs to be brought out more coz she does not want to walk when she's put down to walk outside our home. And errr ... her toilet habits .... She hardly used her cage & peed & pooed everywhere in the house & peed once on the couch. But otherwise, she was a good girl overall. Okay anyway, I've attached some pics of her. Hope you like them. Have a nice day! "

Thank you for including Mimi in your fun social activities, puting up with Mimi's playfulness and also her unpredictable toilet habits. No wonder Mimi looked very dissapointed and bored when we brought her back !

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Amber-Mae said...

Hehehe! She's got one cute doofus face. We call those faces doofus coz it's soooo doofus but a cute doofus face! Hehehehe...

It was nice seeing her again but we were too exhausted to bark to her. She too looked very tired... Hope she & you guys had a great time today! Joined any games? I did. Will post about today's carnival tomorrow.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer