Thursday, September 06, 2007

Away from the City

Hi All, we are back ! Being the stressful people that we are with more responsibilities each day, it's time for a much needed downtime and dissapear for a holiday alone. Otherwise, we'll go c-r-a-z-y! For us daily chores, work, family commitments are all part of our hectic schedule and life here. Hardly remembered the last holiday we had which was way back in the month of April. Although we went away for 3 days (without Mimi), Mimi's interest was our main concern.

Before going on the trip, we had 2 options whether to send Mimi for boarding with Pug Mama Sally or the Big Dogs. After surveying both places prior to her boarding, Mimi adamantly chose to play with the Big Dogs - Amber, Chloe and Faith ! See what we mean in this video clip.

At first we were not sure if Mimi would get along with dogs three times her size but she was not afraid and had fun instead. Mimi's new friends are truly gentle and did not mind although Mimi innocently stepped over them.

(L-R) Faith and Amber checking out Mimi's stuff

Mimi wants to play and sniffing on Amber's furry tail

Mimi feeling at ease beside Chloe

We took a drive up to Cameron Highlands and only stayed for two days. However, on our first day, crowds, heavy traffic and tourists made the stay a little unbearable. The highland was much relaxing on our second day after most of the tourists have gone back. It was nice because the weather was really cold due to the rainy season and our time was spent hibernating in the huge and spacious room watching DVDs. Here's some photos we took as a reminisce of our stay.





Amber-Mae said...

Hahahahahaha! That's so cute! She's such a smartie girl... She really enjoyed her stay here. And Faith loved to play with her too. By the way, hope you received the email my mommy sent to your Nice Jelly Bean.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

rpm said...

she is so cute. Looks like she is being good while you talk to her!