Friday, December 15, 2006

From Across the Globe

Nicejellybean: We received our first christmas card of the season in our mailbox today. It was a christmas greeting card and a sweet note from Kara, Alan, Kritter and Rascal of Texas, USA. What a nice surprise ! Thank you.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Donut vs The Wii

I wanna play too ...

Donut: Nowadays, Coolboy is ignoring me because he is busy playing a very strange new game which he has just recently bought. It's so strange to see Coolboy swinging his arms and waving a stick up, down, left and right. He calls "it" the most advanced game console ever - the Nintendo Wii. I feel scared and lay low when Coolboy starts playing because I'll never know if his foot should accidentally step on me ! I wonder can I play too ?

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Party and Freebies at Pet Tales

Nicejellybean: Our Donut goes for his weekly grooming sessions at Pet Tales. On 18-19 November, Pet Tales celebrated their 2nd anniversary and for this special occasion, they organised a small party and activities for their valued customers. So we dropped by the shop hoping for some goodies and freebies ! We received 2 goodie bags and Donut met many friends too.

Donut playing around and having fun !

Playing let's follow the leader

Getting the spa treatment !

Grooming time is a feel good time !

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Donut's very own Photobook

Coolboy: Recently, I ordered the first photobook of Donut from Pixart. Basically, Pixart allows people like you and me to make photobooks of themselves and their happy moments. So far, Pixart has been getting some good reviews and since they had a 20% savings for the month of September, I thought "why not give it a try".

Coolboy: It took me almost a week to get everything perfectly laid out before submitting online for printing. Altogether, I can put in 24 digital photographs into different page layouts. Donut's pocket photobook was sent to our doorsteps in 4 days. Usually it takes about 5 working days to deliver within Malaysia, sometimes later if delivered overseas. The pocket photobook which I ordered consists of 12 printed pages and reminds me of a children's fairytale book.

Coolboy: The finnishing of the pocket photobook is great because it is binded and printed on semigloss paper. The result of the printed photos reflect "quality with a personal touch". However, it does require certain discretion when arranging the layouts and font sizes on some prints did not turn out as I thought.

Coolboy: This pocket photobook costs us only RM48 that's around USD13. For this price, I think the photobook is affordable and well worth my money. And, it is a special way to remind me of Donut's memorable moments. Thank you, Pixart !

Friday, September 15, 2006

Holiday in Cameron Highlands

Donut: Last weekend, I went on a trip to Cameron Highlands with Coolboy and Nicejellybean together with some people I've not met before. Most places in Malaysia are not pet-friendly so when Coolboy managed to find a pet-friendly place to stay in Cameron Highlands we were both surprised and excited. Coolboy actually sent an email request to Cameron Holiday Services and they arranged a pet-friendly accomodation for us. Below are my knick knacks that Coolboy packed for my journey. However, he forgot to pack a very important item. Can you tell from the picture below what is missing ?

Donut's must-haves for the trip

Donut: In the midst of the excitement and stress of packing for the trip, Coolboy forgot to include MY SNOOPY BOWL ! (unhappy face) I had to eat my dinner from an unfamiliar and strange human bowl.

Are we there yet ?

Nicejellybean: Travelling up to Cameron Highlands takes approx. 4 hours via a winding road by car. We passed by the rainforest and saw many aboriginal huts along the way. On the way to Cameron Highlands, we stopped for a rest at the waterfalls. Donut climbed higher up the rocks for a better view. Then, he got scared and refused to come down. We had to coax him (by tugging his leash) to get him down !

The Lion King (smaller version)

Help me!

Donut: After reaching the Highlands, we checked-in a resort style apartment which had a great view. Sometimes, the clouds gather around and everything looks misty. The weather was cold and the mountain air really fresh. I had to put on double layer of clothes to keep myself nice and warm. I was not used to staying overnight in an unfamiliar place and I felt a little homesick. Sigh !

The nice view from the balcony

Surrounded by misty clouds

Coolboy: One of my favourite activity here is bringing Donut on morning walks. Donut likes to "run" really fast that sometimes it's difficult to keep up. The only time he stops "galloping" is when he's attracted to the colourful flowers along the path. He'll pause and start sniffing them !

My morning walk

Sniff, sniff

No, you cannot eat them

Pretty flowers

Nicejellybean: Cameron Highlands is home to many strawberry and vegetable farms. Here, tea plantations spread out as far as the eye can see. We visited the Boh Tea Plantation at Sungai Palas and went to a strawberry farm, whose owner was kind enough to let Donut roam around the strawberry fields.

In front of Boh Tea Centre at Sungai Palas

A tea picker harvesting tea at Sungai Palas tea plantation

Strawberries are grown in abundance all year round at the Highlands

We all had a relaxing holiday in Cameron Highlands. Donut, as usual was tired when reaching home and he was also not keen to follow us whenever we went out. I guess the outing to Cameron Highlands was enough doggy excitement for Donut ... for now that is.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Donut eats Donut

Coolboy: Donut has not been well lately, hence the lack of posts. Poor guy, he was infected by bacteria and developed an unusual kind of rash over his neck area. Donut has since recovered and gained back his appetite for food again. We gave him a treat yesterday, a tiny nibble of Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut !

Sunday, July 02, 2006

July Pug Meet

Nicejellybean: Happy puggies and their slaves made their way to Manisan House for an evening of pugball for pugs and a BBQ dinner. The adults were busy chatting and eating whilst them puggies mingled (or sniffed) around. We had 3 pugs at the party - Giant Pingpong, Piggy Puggy and Donut. Donut came in his football jersey and tried to play football with Pingpong but he was not interested.

Donut: Let's play football ...

Donut: Awww ... he is not interested.

*(From L-R) Giant Pingpong, Piggy Puggy and Donut.*

Nicejellybean: The weather was warm and breezy. Piggy Puggy kept us busy that night, who if left unguarded likes to sneak herself into the trashbin looking for leftovers.

*Puggy ... NO,NO,NO.*

Nicejellybean: Our host arranged the BBQ dinner outdoors in an old rustic corner. Most chipped in to BBQ so it was fun. We had BBQ-ed chicken wings, lamb, sausages, coleslow, mashed potato, garlic bread and honey buttered bananas.

*malaysian style grill*

*An old rustic corner provided the ambience for our BBQ *

*The sumptious BBQ spread*

Nicejellybean: Lastly, thank goodness for pug meetups where Donut gets to meet other furkids just like him. Bringing Donut to such event helps him to socialise and grow up to be an active, friendly and social pug. The next good thing for us is that Donut is usually tired out for 2 days. Yeah, baby !

*Happy Donut*

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

FIFA Pug Cup 2006

Coolboy: In the spirit of the on-going FIFA World Cup 2006, we bought Donut his first football jersey. Meet the Pugballer from Brazil, Donudinho a.k.a. Ronaldinho !!

Donut: Donudinho - 3 Coolboy - 0 Woof ! Woof !

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Like an Angel

Nicejellybean: I am so happy that Donut is quite attached to his bed I bought for him recently. It makes me smile to see him lying in his bed during naptime or when he is poofed out. This is so whenever Coolboy and I pick Donut up after his weekly grooming session, he gets very sleepy and tired when he reaches home and become very quiet like an angel (see the pics below) Hmmm ... I wonder what Donut does during grooming time. My guess is he's playing with other furkids and looking at other furkids getting groomed. I took some pics of Donut resting ... looking very cute as usual.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pug Social At Manisan House

Nicejellybean: Tonight is Pug Social Night in Malaysia. Julie, our host prepared roast lamb, mashed potatoes with south african soup. I brought coleslow and garlic bread.The pugmeet was a small affair with 8 slaves and 3 masters. The masters and slaves enjoyed themselves very much. Thanks again, Julie for providing a happy place for us.

Nicejellybean: Here's Donut beside his carrying bag waiting patiently for us to take him to Pug Meet.

Donut: Are u guys ready ? Come on lets go ...

Monday, May 22, 2006

What is this ?? YUCKS.

Nicejellybean: This funny cartoon pretty much sums up Donut's way of saying "I hate tablets ... pfffft". He throws out food that he does not like just like in the cartoon. We have to hide his tablet in his favourite food such as bread, ice-cream or his treats. Sometimes, the trick works and most times it doesn't work.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Candid Shot ...

Donut: Nobody wants to play with me. I wanna go out for a walk.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Feet Fettish

Coolboy: Donut has feet fettish ! He positions himself at my feet all the time - on my bed during bedtimes, under the computer table when I'm working-from-home, during meal times etc. He follows me and my feet anywhere I go !!! Here's some pics of Donut beside my feet.

Donut: I like to stick close to humans. Wherever you go, I will follow you.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Poor Guy

Nicejellybean: Recently, Donut developed a small red patch behind his right ear. In order to prevent him from scratching the infected area, we bought Donut his first conehead. As expected, he is not happy to wear the conehead but he has no choice. We only put it on whenever Donut has the itchy itch. The Vet prescribed a cream and anti-itch tablets. He also shaved the area around the red patch so that the skin can heal better.

Donut: I don't like to wear a conehead [growl][whine]

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Donut's New Bed

Nicejellybean: After reading Shelby's Blog about Lamiedoodle, I thought that it's about time Donut should have his own personal space ie. in a proper bed. So over the weekend, we bought Donut his first new bed. In fact, we have been toying with the idea of getting a "bed" for him because he was still baby and buying a bed would be a risky thing (Donut might bite or worst peepoo in it!) Anyway, here's some pics of Donut trying out his bed.

Donut: I like it in here .... sniff, sniff and scratch, sratch.

Donut: It really feels so nice and comfy ... [sleepy look]

Nicejellybean: The size of this bed fits him nicely. Right now, we try to train him to snuggle, sleep, sit and stay in there as long as possible.