Friday, June 27, 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Table Food is Bad for Me

The other day, I had large spoonful of yummy mashed potatoes mixed with kibbles for dinner. It was not a good idea because the next morning I woke up having some red spots and bald patches on my neck. I tend to develop ugly rashes the day after I eat table foods (even tiny bite size is a no-no) such as leftover grilled lamb, fried fish, roast pork and other Hooman style foods. Well, blame it on Coolboy to hand-me those yummy Hooman foods ! Not to worry usually after a few days of 'detoxification', the red spots would clear and my skin will become back to normal again.

The evil instant mash potatoes

Actually due to my skin sensitivities, I have been following a healthy diet which are kibbles mixed with plain vegetables, beef or lamb with no seasonings ie no salt, pepper or sugar. Nicejellybean is quite adamant (she is very strict and my begging skills do not work in front of her at all!) in not feeding me Hooman foods that are salty as my skin might break out into scaly rashes.

My meal consists of beef, pumpkin or carrots and brocolli (cooked) with Kibbles.

This (pic above) is what I am eating almost everyday. I am not a fussy eater. I'll gobble up everything as long as the foods are prepared with tlc - tender loving care and smelled tasty. So far, the results of the new change of diet is really effective and my body coat gradually grew shinny and beautiful, as compared to embarrassingly bald and ugly. My Hoomans are so happy with the new Me !

Anyways, judging from my bad reaction to the above no-no food, I guess I will not be having the delicious mash potatoes or a teeny weeny piece of table food anymore. What's fine for the Hoomans may not be suitable for me, right. Darn.