Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Beach Bum

I was totally overwhelmed seeing such a wide open space during a recent trip to the East Coast of Malaysia and I went beserk running happily into endless directions. I had such a pawsome and exciting holiday. Thanks to Amber-Mae and family for recommending us this wonderful pet-friendly place. Our seaside resort was practically empty on the first day when we arrived on Friday and the whole beach front belong to ME ! I also indirectly lost 1 kg due to the 'much needed exercises' - running up and down the sand dunes. You see, I was getting a little too fat prior to this trip. Oooh, there were lots of different smells too - I sniffed on grass and sand and also made friends with the cute animals at Ruby's garden.

I chased the hot dude (pic above) ...

Daily activity included huffing and puffing with Coolboy on the beach (pic above)

My whole body and the face was always covered with sand after a long day of playing around on the beach.

In summary, here's my most enjoyable moments for me on my trip to the beach.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

How I Love My Kong

This is why I love my Kong ! Cos there's always a nice surprise hidden somewhere inside. Hmmmm ... I wonder what did my Hoomans stuff into my Kong this time ?