Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Eve

Nicejellybean prepared a special new year eve dinner for all of us including ME. For the first time, I had a little taste of spagetti with lamb.

Looking tentatively and waiting patiently for Nicejellybean to finnish preparing the dinner in the kitchen

Mimi's dinner - spaghetti and lamb

Coolboy and Nicejellybean finnished the rest of the spaghetti with minced beef and bolognaise sauce. They had extra side dishes too - chicken soup and salad. I wanted to have some bolognaise sauce but I was not allowed .. Boo Hoo.

We all stayed at home to usher in the new year quietly. There were firework displays around the Kuala Lumpur city. Such places were crowded so we prefered to watch the celebrations over on live TV. At 12 midnight, we heard the loud boom, boom ,boom coming from the distant fireworks displays which signalled the end of 2007 and the begining of a new year 2008. Here's wishing everybody another year that brings good friends, good health, good luck, good things !

Dear Donut - We miss you and you will always be in our thoughts. Happy New Year !

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Spa at De Fairy

Guess what ? I had a wonderful spa for Christmas at De Fairy Pet Spa. The Pet Spa is next door to Pet Tales, the Pet Shop where I occasionally go for basic grooming. I went for an aromatic sea salt spa package which cost RM50. They say the sea salt will help to remove the dead skin and make my coat shine. Oh well, I do have sensitive skin so I need to pay special care to maintain my skin.


First I have a bath using a special shampoo and conditioner from Pet Esthe

wow, it feel good

A shower to rinse off the bubbles. Wow, I am loving it !


Next I go into a wooden bath tub for a sea salt bath and I was soaked for 20 minutes. Coolboy chose the peppermint flavour sea salt for me. The bath tub had coloured rose petals in it which smelled aromatic.


Oooh ! I also get a relaxing rub and body massage from the lovely Groomer. Sigh.

After that, I was given another rinse with water to cleanse my skin

I was such a playful gal. I could not sit still and was playing with water in the bath tub.


Then the Groomer towel dry my whole body. See I could not stand still and kept turning left and right.

Mimi after SPA

Next, I was blown dry by a powerful blow dryer. I liked this part cos I like my fur to be really dry and soft so I stood very still. However, I did not like the loud noise coming from the blow dryer, so scary.


Me falling asleep and having sweet dreams after the feel good spa session. On the whole it has been a good experience and I would not mind to try it again. The spa was calming and soothing. My fur is softer and even smelled like flowers in the spring time. What a lovely chrismassy present !

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lookiee I am Swimming

How is everydoggy's holiday ? Both Coolboy and Nicejellybean are having their holidays now and so they took me for a swimming lesson today. At first it was a terrifying experience when Coolboy 'threw' me into a huge big pool, I did not know what to do and suddenly I sank to the botom of the pool.

Coolboy had to rescue me a few times before I caught the hang of it. I realised I had to use all my four legs and paddle very quickly otherwise, I may drown.

Finally, here is a video showing how I learnt to swim on my own :

After the horrible swimming lesson, Coolboy decided to award me a good SPA for Christmas. Next up - A Day of Pampering and Indulgence. Stay tune.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Graphics

and happy holidays !!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Introducing Aunty Sally's

Last weekend, we all went to visit Aunty Sally's home in Cheras. Aunty Sal has 2 female pugs named Pinky and Baby. A while back in November, I was sent off for boarding to her home when my Dad and Mom went holidaying to Krabi, Thailand. The boarding fees was cheap, you see only RM100 for 2 weeks but this offer is exclusive for me because Aunty Sally luurves pugs. At first I was aprehensive of staying there because Baby was so cho-lor (unlady like) and I could not get along with her. Then I discovered Baby is actually a playful pug, like me. Pinky was quiet and tires easily so I played with Baby. We wrestled and jumped on each other which was fun !

(L-R) Baby, ME and Pinky

Anyways on Sunday, Dad and Mom left me at Aunty Sal's for an hour so I could play with Baby and they went off for a quick morning breakfast. It was nice meeting Pinky and Baby again. We also met a cute chihuahua who was constantly shivering and had watery eyes. At first we all thought that she was cold or afraid of us pugs but Aunty Sal says the chihuahua was just being a Drama Queen ! (muahahaha). Sorry no pics of the chihuahua.

I became real tired after the visit and slept in my carrier the whole way back to my home. Must be the dang 'heat' I am having now. I tire easily and do not have much apetite for food. Oh well, 2 more weeks to go and then I should be back to normal, right ?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

On Heat

She's still a moody pug on day 3.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Heat is On

Nicejellybean: Today, our Mimi girl is officially a young lady. Mimi was 8 months old in November therafter we kinda expecting a heat coming in December. We discovered tiny red spots (it's actually very small droplets) on our floor and so we knew. On the first day Mimi was not as active, looks rather moody and we noticed she prefers to be by herself in her den most of the time. There's also more shedding than usual.

The moody pug wearing a baby diaper

Confused ?

Mimi is using a puppy panty with pads but we took them off when we saw her turning round and round in an attempt to discard it. She circled more than 15 times we thought she'll faint. Oh well she will just have to get use to wearing it .

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Spa for Pets

On Sunday, I went for my weekly grooming at Pet Tales in Taman Desa. When I arrived, I was surprised to see so many furkids . The owners of Pet Tales had setup a new Pet Spa next door and organised an opening celebration that day so everybody came to give their support. There were free sample of yummy dog food specially prepared and served at the Pet Cafe. Cupcakes, cookies and cakes just for dogs baked fresh from the oven. I liked the cheese and bluberry cupakes best.

I had lots of fun playing chasing with other fur friends. I was so excited meeting my own kind, I did not stop running around the shop. Coolboy and Nicejellybean had a hard time trying to catch me.

Checking out the new spa for pets

Hey what is in there ? Can I take a peek !

We met Candy who was relaxing on the sofa. Hello Candy. We will not forget you cos it's not often we get to meet a fur friend who will migrate to USA the following day. Have fun on the plane. Your owner is one lucky lady !

Sweet, sweet Candy

Jojo looking lost

By the way, I did not do the spa treatment cos the price was a little too expensive for my Dad's pocket (RM120 per session) but I overheard him talking about giving me a spa treatment as a christmas present. For details of spa treament, please refer to my sis Amber's blog. She is so lucky being "pamper" by all the professional groomers there. Oh well, let's see. So far, the Groomers at Pet Tales treat me real nice and I lurve the girls who clean, bath and do my manicure. We wish Chris and his Team all the best in their new venture !

Oh! Oh! Coolboy is actually thinking of getting me a little brother Yogi short for Yorkie. Is he cute ?

Monday, December 03, 2007

I will STARE at you

Time to Feed me, sir

When I am hungry or I want to have a bite of what you are eating too. Yo! People time to feed me.