Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Spa for Pets

On Sunday, I went for my weekly grooming at Pet Tales in Taman Desa. When I arrived, I was surprised to see so many furkids . The owners of Pet Tales had setup a new Pet Spa next door and organised an opening celebration that day so everybody came to give their support. There were free sample of yummy dog food specially prepared and served at the Pet Cafe. Cupcakes, cookies and cakes just for dogs baked fresh from the oven. I liked the cheese and bluberry cupakes best.

I had lots of fun playing chasing with other fur friends. I was so excited meeting my own kind, I did not stop running around the shop. Coolboy and Nicejellybean had a hard time trying to catch me.

Checking out the new spa for pets

Hey what is in there ? Can I take a peek !

We met Candy who was relaxing on the sofa. Hello Candy. We will not forget you cos it's not often we get to meet a fur friend who will migrate to USA the following day. Have fun on the plane. Your owner is one lucky lady !

Sweet, sweet Candy

Jojo looking lost

By the way, I did not do the spa treatment cos the price was a little too expensive for my Dad's pocket (RM120 per session) but I overheard him talking about giving me a spa treatment as a christmas present. For details of spa treament, please refer to my sis Amber's blog. She is so lucky being "pamper" by all the professional groomers there. Oh well, let's see. So far, the Groomers at Pet Tales treat me real nice and I lurve the girls who clean, bath and do my manicure. We wish Chris and his Team all the best in their new venture !

Oh! Oh! Coolboy is actually thinking of getting me a little brother Yogi short for Yorkie. Is he cute ?

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Amber-Mae said...

Oh, you were there too! I didn't know... We were there after training. My hooman M ate & ate & ate coz she was soo hungry! Hehehe, free food! We got to eat the nuggets too. We saw that little Yorkie in the small little cubicle on Thursday. He kept on barking at me! You should try out both the treatments, It will definitely & you will smell like heaven!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer