Sunday, December 16, 2007

Introducing Aunty Sally's

Last weekend, we all went to visit Aunty Sally's home in Cheras. Aunty Sal has 2 female pugs named Pinky and Baby. A while back in November, I was sent off for boarding to her home when my Dad and Mom went holidaying to Krabi, Thailand. The boarding fees was cheap, you see only RM100 for 2 weeks but this offer is exclusive for me because Aunty Sally luurves pugs. At first I was aprehensive of staying there because Baby was so cho-lor (unlady like) and I could not get along with her. Then I discovered Baby is actually a playful pug, like me. Pinky was quiet and tires easily so I played with Baby. We wrestled and jumped on each other which was fun !

(L-R) Baby, ME and Pinky

Anyways on Sunday, Dad and Mom left me at Aunty Sal's for an hour so I could play with Baby and they went off for a quick morning breakfast. It was nice meeting Pinky and Baby again. We also met a cute chihuahua who was constantly shivering and had watery eyes. At first we all thought that she was cold or afraid of us pugs but Aunty Sal says the chihuahua was just being a Drama Queen ! (muahahaha). Sorry no pics of the chihuahua.

I became real tired after the visit and slept in my carrier the whole way back to my home. Must be the dang 'heat' I am having now. I tire easily and do not have much apetite for food. Oh well, 2 more weeks to go and then I should be back to normal, right ?

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Amber-Mae said...

I wonder what that Chihuahua was afraid of? My hoomans boarded one drama queen before too. She's sooo afraid of everything but she's aggressive towards other new boarders. She's a chicken! Well, it maybe be over by the 3rd week but the smell will remain for another week but it's already safe for you to go out.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer