Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Donut's very own Photobook

Coolboy: Recently, I ordered the first photobook of Donut from Pixart. Basically, Pixart allows people like you and me to make photobooks of themselves and their happy moments. So far, Pixart has been getting some good reviews and since they had a 20% savings for the month of September, I thought "why not give it a try".

Coolboy: It took me almost a week to get everything perfectly laid out before submitting online for printing. Altogether, I can put in 24 digital photographs into different page layouts. Donut's pocket photobook was sent to our doorsteps in 4 days. Usually it takes about 5 working days to deliver within Malaysia, sometimes later if delivered overseas. The pocket photobook which I ordered consists of 12 printed pages and reminds me of a children's fairytale book.

Coolboy: The finnishing of the pocket photobook is great because it is binded and printed on semigloss paper. The result of the printed photos reflect "quality with a personal touch". However, it does require certain discretion when arranging the layouts and font sizes on some prints did not turn out as I thought.

Coolboy: This pocket photobook costs us only RM48 that's around USD13. For this price, I think the photobook is affordable and well worth my money. And, it is a special way to remind me of Donut's memorable moments. Thank you, Pixart !