Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Donut's New Bed

Nicejellybean: After reading Shelby's Blog about Lamiedoodle, I thought that it's about time Donut should have his own personal space ie. in a proper bed. So over the weekend, we bought Donut his first new bed. In fact, we have been toying with the idea of getting a "bed" for him because he was still baby and buying a bed would be a risky thing (Donut might bite or worst peepoo in it!) Anyway, here's some pics of Donut trying out his bed.

Donut: I like it in here .... sniff, sniff and scratch, sratch.

Donut: It really feels so nice and comfy ... [sleepy look]

Nicejellybean: The size of this bed fits him nicely. Right now, we try to train him to snuggle, sleep, sit and stay in there as long as possible.


mypugsblog said...

How adorable! I love his t-shirt too! Where did you get the bed? It fits him perfectly.

Donut said...


Thank u for the nice compliments. I bought Donut's bed in M'sia and the t'shirt came free with it !There isn't a brand name printed on Donut's bed. Otherwise, I could have pass on the brandname to you so that it's easier for you to locate it in the USA, if available there. cheers.

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