Friday, November 25, 2005

Sleepless Nights ...

Coolboy: Of late, Donut's night time routine is ...

11.30pm A little supper time with doggie biscuits or nibbling some leftovers from Donut's Dinner (he does not finnish dinner and leaves half portion in the bowl) Dunno why?
Mid-Night Donut dozes off and sometimes he will jump on us in our beds. Most of the time we "persuade" him to sleep by singing or the easy way - make him run till he tires out.
Between 12 till 3am Donut sleeps or goes to pee pee or makes soft whinning sounds
4am Donut makes loud whinning sounds and sometimes barking/yapping. He uses his feet to poke us/nibbles our toes. (He wants to play !!!!)
(During this time, we have no choice but to wake up also. To keep him quiet Donut gets extra doggie biscuits and we are thinking of giving 1 greenie bone to quiet him down.)
5am We ignore him. Doze off again
6am He wakes up and makes loud whinning noises !!!! Runs around when we ignore him (at this point of time, we try really hard to get sleep) However, he runs more and nibble our toes when we ignore him more.

Coolboy & Nicejellybean: sleepy sigh :(

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