Sunday, November 27, 2005

CSI Who chewed RM100?

Coolboy: Woke up this morning and discovered that two of our RM50 notes shredded to pieces. The only living object in our apartment who could reach into our wallet and who does not appreciate the real value of RM100 is no other then our Monster, Donut ...

At first, I was so so very upset because RM100 could buy me a lot of things eg: 10 “Magic the Gathering” booster packs or two gold class movie ticket or one very good Thai Massage or .... (the list can go on and on) but ... ahem, as an “understanding” father, I think I better give the Monster a benefit of doubt. Maybe the "Culprit" is a bird or is it my other two green turtles who has committed the crime, right? So, here's how I started my very “detailed” crime scene investigation (CSI). Aha! I found two tiny pieces of RM50 notes hidden between Donut's fav places - the floor cushions. The tiny pieces matches perfectly with the big dollar notes plus the notes are slightly wet with Donut's saliva. Thus, little monster must be the Culprit. Better bring him for questioning .... After about 10 minutes of questioning, Donut finally admitted he chewed the RM50 notes.

...... no,no,no.....that pathetic or "please for give me" look will not help you a bit !

After he admited that he did commit the crime (no reason given), we decided to bring Donut to Local Police Station for confession.

Coolboy & Nicejellybean: Donut is punished in cage for two hours. We think that the punishment is too light. Wha da ya think peeps ???

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