Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How to Resist Temptation Game

Donut: Most of the time, Coolboy treats me like his precious. He will hug me, kiss me and treat me like his son. Then, he “tortures” me by putting my favorite food beside or on my paws and see how long I can resist the temptation. Ha ! Ha! I think it's Coolboy's dream for me to break the World Guinness Record and make him famous. Ooooh ... I hate this training so much. Everybody please see the video below and u will know why.

Resist Temptation Attempt I – Which I failed ....

Resist Temptation Attempt II : I break the 25 seconds record ... !

Donut : Now u see. My father (Coolboy) is very mean, isn't he? Woof, Woof !!!


R2K said...

: )

Tyler said...

Don't let him humiliate you, dude. I never understood why they wanna teach us this anyway.