Friday, February 02, 2007

Where to board Donut ?

Nicejellybean: Since we could not bring Donut along our trip to Hong Kong, we have to send him off to a boarding place for a week. Instead of his usual boarding place at Pet Tales, we decided to put him in a newly opened petshop called Fur's & Things. We checked out the place a few days before our trip and quite liked the establishment. They let their pets loose during the daytime and the shop had a large space for Donut to roam around for the whole day. Also, the play area was air-conditioned, pet friendly and well maintained ie. clean and tidy.

Anyway, after we picked him up after our trip, we are glad that he did not display any unusual temperaments. We were concerned that he could not adjust to his new surroundings or was not treated well at this boarding place. We were told during his boarding, Donut had good apetite and ate all his food up which was so unlike him ! I guess he was quite ok with his stay at this temporary accomodation.

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