Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dog Olympic Day 2007

Coolboy: We woke up earlier than usual on a Sunday morning to join an annual doggies event sponsored by at Central Park, Utama. This year's gathering saw a bigger turnout than last year. We saw furkids of different breeds dressed in their Sunday best and there were many activities organised making this event a nice outing for everyone. We circled the park grounds 3 times and along the pathway, Donut had great time getting-to-know other pugs, poodles, bull maltese, silkys etc. This event was also a good opportunity for Donut to practice his social skills by meeting other furkids in an open space environment.

The Long Coat Gang

This is Dao Dao, an old friend

Donut's new pug friend, Bo Bo

Hello there .... am not afraid of you

A toy poodle ! Donut likes chasing after their cute pom-pom tails.

Nicejellybean: Due to the intense heat, we decided that the weather was getting too warm for Donut and we left the park grounds after an hour or so. As usual, Donut became a tired little pug after this outing. He was 'down and out' by the time he reached home.


almondjoy said...

oh my gosh! Your pug is do adorable. I love it! Thanks for sharing this with me!

Pearly said...

I was looking at you and them wearing shirts, and your location, it's like hot for you, shouldn't it be? Even I have fur and I usually wear stuff like that at home with ac or during the chilly days. hehe.. netherless you look like you had a fun time!

almond said...

donut is a real summer pug! look at the grin@@!!