Monday, July 28, 2008

Ruby's Beach Resort

We all went to Ruby's Beach Resort in Cherating which is on the east coast side of Malaysia. For this trip I packed kibbles for 4 days, shampoo, soft stuffies, dog biscuits, bottled water, food bowl and leash. I also brought along my cage and carrier too. As you can see I am a high maintenance traveller and my 'luggage' usually takes up half of Coolboy's car boot.

We left Kuala Lumpur in the late morning but unfortunately after an hour into our journey, I vomited in the car so Coolboy had to detour into Karak town for a short break and clean me up ! Here the Hoomans ate their lunch at Yik Kee restaurant (Karak) which was famous for their noodles and durian tarts .

Luckily, nobody objected when Coolboy brought me (in a carrier) along for their lunch break. As usual some people were curious and stared at me all the time. The workers in this restaurant asked lotsa questions about me too. "Mmmm nice fur ... what does she eat ? " They also said I was a smart girl after I did the circle trick a few times.

I was sitted at a corner looking at the yummy food

Tempting Seafood Noodle

Can I have some please ?

Finally after 3 hours, we arrived at Ruby's Resort our getaway for next 3 days. Located next to Club Med Cherating and the Turtle Sanctuary, the resort has simple accomodation that catered for budget travellers like us. The resort's chalets are basic but comfortable enough and has amenities like air-condition, hot showers, TV, tea/coffee and ... bath towels are provided. Food and drinks in this place is expensive eg RM10 for a plate of fried rice ! But the best part is this place has a fantastic beach front less than a minute walk away.

The seafront is close by Ruby's Resort

We stayed in this chalet - Palm. The other chalet in orange colour is Tembusu.

More Chalets

Me checking out the bathroom area in our chalet. That's the back door.

Eeeks ... my eyes look freaky in this pic.

The patio. HUGE mozzies likes to hang out here during night time.

Whilst the Hoomans went out to Town for lunch, they 'left me' in the patio area ! Not to worry it was safe for me.

There were cute animals scurrying about the resort garden and they came in pairs like a mini Noah's Ark actually. Ruby takes really good care of them and the animals run free in her garden.

A pair of rabbits

There were 2 cats. Tiger (pic above) and Furby (who is not in the pic)

2 pairs of baby turtles. No name yet. Oh, I must not forget Mork and Mindy (no pics), a pair of giant turtle.

Entrance of the Resort

In this resort, Pets are allowed to stay in the chalets and roam about except for the Cafe area which is off limits. Ruby the Owner allows Pets only on non-peak days such as weekdays or when there are non-Muslims staying there. Pet Owners are not encouraged to make bookings on Public Holidays. However, it is best to give her a call to ask which day is suitable for Pets. Contact here.

Directions by road: From Kuala Lumpur drive along the East Coast Highway until the END of the expressway and turn off on the left exit when you reach the big green signboard that says Jabur/Beserlah/Cherating. There is a Phase 2 from Jabur - Kuala Trengganu but this section is not yet ready. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Cherating is around 3½ hours.

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Amber-Mae said...

Oooh, what a fantabulous time you had! Hope you didn't make too much mess in your crate...We did not get to meet the wabbits or the kitties. The hoomans did not allow! Sheesh, it's not like we're gonna eat them or something altho I wouldn't mind trying. Hmmm...Anyway, we're thinking of going to Adeline's Rest House on 1st of October. Would you like to join too? My hoomans are only thinking of staying there for 2 days coz they say they won't be able to tahan the cold shower & heat especially in the day & mosquitoes! Gosh!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ippo said...

Aaww it's so nice to see that there are hotels in M'sia that allow doggies.
I'm from Indonesia & not sure if I can even find a dog-friendly hotel.

Jiro@Rocky Loot said...

Sure you had fun and enjoyed your trip.Your trip shall be much more enjoyable if you invited us to go with you.Anyway,we had wonderfull time in Cameron Highland last week..wish to stay longer on our next trip...