Saturday, July 30, 2005

I want to go to Party

Donut: I overheard that there is a party only for pugs. So, I beg my slave Coolboy to bring me to the party. “Hello, I want to go to PugSquad party! I want to meet with other cool pugs, please?
Coolboy: But I am so tired. I need to rest over the weekend ? Nicejellybean: I am also very tired. Please understand OK, nice puppy!

Donut: I don't care....I want to Go To Pugsquad Party! I want to meet with other puggies ... bow wow, wow wow!!! If you don't bring me to party, I will bite the sofa, pee pee and poo poo everywhere. Finally, Coolboy & Nicejellybean granted my request and prepared me for my first social event.


Anonymous said...

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Isabella said...

Hey, Donut! Sounds like you have a really cool new home. You are a lucky puppy to have people that love you so much.
Big Wags,