Friday, July 08, 2005

Please take me home II

Donut: Bow, Oops, sorry, you probably don't understand my language. I was picked up by my owners Coolboy and Nicejellybean today. It's only a short trip from my ex-owner's shop to the apartment (I mean "my new home". I guess I will be staying there for a very very long time). Upon arriving at the apartment car park, Coolboy "sneaked" me into a small box full of toys and quietly transported me back to his apartment. I don't know what's the reason they are doing this but it's fun! I think my Master's job is a spy or something because he introduced himself as (with a very cool voice) "Khoo, James Khoo, 008"...ha ha..ha

I popped my head out from my box and the first thing I heard is "Donut, Donut"....hmmm. Sounds like they are very hungry and they are looking straight into my eyes while calling "Donut!!", so scary. Later I realized that DONUT is MY NAME. Although I don't know which part of my body look's like a Donut, I kind of like the name.

Hey, got to go now. Please leave comments to my Masters to treat me nice as I am so cute and adorable. Cheers ya all!

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