Monday, March 24, 2008

Rumah Rehat Adeline

Coolboy, Nicejellybean and ME went for a back-to-nature weekend getaway to Adeline's Rest House near Perak town of Gopeng, a place that Nicejellybean had read about from another Blog. Coolboy was happy when he asked the Owner, Adeline Kuo, whether Pets are allowed and she actually enthusiastically said YES! (Note: Pets are allowed on non-peak days and be sure to confirm with her first via email/sms ) Anyways, we left Kuala Lumpur early in the morning and along the way stopped by the Sungai Buloh rest area on the North South highway. Kids who are enjoying their school holidays were so curious when they saw me in my carrier and wanted to play with me.

After 2 hours we reached the Gopeng interchange which is the exit before Ipoh. We drove by Malay villages and the tar road narrowed to only one lane, so cars have to stop at one side to give way to vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Beyond the villages, the road will pass through a forested area and round a series of bends. From Gopeng town, there were very clear signboards to guide us all the way and after 20 minutes later, we saw our destination on the left.

In Malay language, 'Selamat Datang ke Rumah Rehat Adeline' means 'Welcome to Adeline's Rest House '

Across this bridge is the entrance into our lodgings and a 'pets' adventureland. See that tiny shadow ... it's a baby monkey !

0ops ... I was too short and needed some help getting up the steps there.

Our Hut from a distance

What we like is that it is a tranquil spot set amidst the lush forest. You can hear birds chirping, trees whispering and crickets 'singing' into the night. The accommodation here has several traditional aboriginal bamboo huts offering minimal amenities, no private bathrooms, no TV ... sort of homestay style but comfy enough. Toilets and showers are adjacent to the accommodation and camping ground.

Another bigger hut which can fit up to 20 people

There were plenty of space for me to runabout and sniff around. I wanted to explore the streams which flowed beside our hut and slipped down the steep slope trying to drink from the flowing stream. Then I could not climb back up. Yikes !

I did caused a panic moment when I was off leash. I became excited, ran off and hid behind some low bushes so nobody could see me.

Where is Mimi ???

The grounds is spacious surounded with trees and greenery. I guess because of the natural shade, the weather here was not very hot. In fact, it can get quite chilly at night and early morning.

I see durian trees, rubber trees and rambutan trees

Oooh ... sniff,sniff ... I smell a baby durian

Mimi breathing-in fresh air

Behind me are actually sections of a century-old 14.5km pipeline running from the Ulu Geroh water catchment area to Gopeng town. It is however disheartening to know that this historical longest and oldest pipeline in Malaysia is going to be dismantled soon.

I tried to make friends with resident baby monkey (below) and could see that the monkey was quite afraid cos it tried to keep a distance away from me. The monkey became hysterical and screeched alot.

After a long and tiring afternoon , I went to sleep in my Hut. Mattresses are provided with blankets for Hoomans, and everyone slept on the bamboo floor , including Me. At night time, there was a nice cool breeze which kept the mosquitoes away. (Surprisingly, we caught horrid mozzies in the daytime)

This place is also special not only for the authentic 'orang asli' (aboriginal) type of accommodation but for its home-cooked local food prepared by Owner, Adeline. And for all meals, the Hoomans were served different variety of dishes in buffet style. For late Supper, Auntie Adeline prepared yummy fried banana fritters and sweet potato dessert. You know what, the Hoomans have to wash up their own plates and cups after each meal.

Auntie Adeline, who owns and operates the resort also does the cooking and prepares all the meals too.

The dishes Auntie Adeline cooked for Hoomans was so tempting and looked delicious but due to my strict diet, all I got was tiny bits of BBQ chicken bones and lamb. Early next morning, I went for a morning walk before I was left behind in the Hut ... whilst Coolboy and Nicejellybean joined a group of people for white-water rafting activity.

Later, I went along a short trip to the waterfalls, which was just one of the many waterfalls in this area and it was a first time I saw huge gush of water coming down from high up. I was kinda overwhelmed but was not scared at all.

Some photos taken during our stay:

Overall, this is a charming place to escape the hustle and bustle of City life with plenty of empty spaces for pets like me to roam everywhere. It was quite an unique experience, I tell you.


Amber-Mae said...

Wah sooo kewl!!! I showed my hoomans this post & they said that they are VERY interested in going there & bringing us a long too. Woohoo! Wow, look at all the lush green land. I hope there were no monkeys on the trees watching you...Heehee! My hoomans say the monkeys can be dangerous especially to small doggies like you. So, the hut-type of house is shared by other people is it? No windows? No doors? Not much privacy I'm guessing but we're okay with that. Will go there some day. I hope you had a pawsome time there, Mimi!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mimi the Pug said...

Harloo Amber Sis, me and my 2Hoomans stayed in one hut and cos it is not many people ... Auntie lets us choose our own Hut to stay in ( Yay!). There are wooden windows of course and doors so that the bedroom has privacy. I was sleeping in the small living area but at night I managed to climb up the steps into the bedroom and surprised my Hoomans.

bosco said...

i wanna go, i wanna go, i wanna go!!! looks like so much fun! let's go on a date? :)

licks & kisses,

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh another doggie friendly place??? I want to go too!!!!

Rick@NatureEscapes said...

This place looks inviting and a good destination to add to my Nature Escapes website.