Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Car Ride

During weekends when Coolboy and Nicejellybean are not busy working, they would bring me along in their car for a leisurely ride. Usually I sit in the passenger seat at first, then I want to climb over into the driver's seat so that I can sit on Coolboy's lap. Most dogs love to ride and, if given the opportunity they would gladly take the drivers seat! When I was a little pug, I was put in the space below the passenger seat for Driver's safety reasons. Of course, now that I am bigger I always manage to easily climb back up on to the seat.

Nowadays when I'm in the car with Coolboy and Nicejellybean together, one of them would drive and the other act as a chaperone ie make sure I stay in place on-leash. The leash is an important percaution so that in the event that I should accidently jump off through the windows someone can actually pull me back in !

I love to stand in the passenger seat with my front paws on the center arm rest so I can look out the glass window. When the windows are down, I like to stick my head far out and feel the wind blowing at my puggy face.

This is where we ended up having Dim Sum in a coffee shop. As usual, I was only allowed to watch my Hoomans eat.

A typical Dim Sum breakfast for my Hoomans consist of fishball, porridge, steamed prawn rolls (cheong fan), baby pork ribs and steamed siew mai

Enjoying the view from the window

For me, I like to window-watch especially when there's so much to see, hear and smell, it can get kinda overwelming .... ooooh. However, Nicejellybean disagree she says the best way for me to travel in the car is actually in my crate/carrier. At least this way, it does guarantee that we all reach our destination alive and ... sane !


lizzyl said...

Mimi, you look so cute in that basket watching the food! I agree, it looks really yummy! Your car ride looks like fun too!

Amber-Mae said...

WE'RE BACK!!! We absolutely love car rides too & it any destination will do! I bet the wind blowing at your face felt good...Too bad your hoomans did not share any food with you. If it was us there, we'll be getting everything that's on the table. Hee!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

lyn said...

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CoCo said...

Mimi, you travel exactly as I do. I like to step on the middle armrest too and look out the front window to see where we are going. My Mama doesn't like to ride with the window down, but when she does, my head is stuck out there too.

Too bad you didn't get to eat any of that Dim Sum. My Mama said it looked super delicious. We here in America do not get such yummy authentic Dim Sum. She was salivating when she saw that!