Friday, May 30, 2008

A Seaside Escapade

A week ago, I had an enjoyable adventure because Coolboy took us on an afternoon trip to the beach at Port Dickson where I played in the sea for the very first time. There were lots of people taking a break on the beach too since that day was Wesak Day, a public holiday. We drove along the seafront and luckily, we managed to find a secluded part of the seaside for our 'afternoon picnic' and had a nice beach all to ourselves. The weather was cloudy and not hot .... just nice for me and my Hoomans too.

Me posing pwetty for the camera

Strolling along the beach

Coolboy said that I was a brave girl cos I was not afraid of the waves coming up from the sea ! Instead, I went deeper and deeper into the waters but Coolboy pulled me back because he was afraid the waves would wash me away. However, the waves were not strong or big so no worries. It was exciting.

I had so much fun running up and down the sandy beach.

A picturesque moment

Getting all wet in the salty sea water. I had sand on my whiskers, see.

Actually, the water was not dark as it looked since it was close to sunset, the lighting was not bright enough, hence all our photos turned out blacker than usual. I was a dirty litle pug with sand stuck on my face, body and paws after all the playing in the sand and I was given a clean bath straight away once we reached home ! Overall, the trip was a good but tiring for all of us. For me running off leash on the beach feels so good, FREE like a bird .... oooh I wanna go to the beach again.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, you went to PD already? Wow, nice place! The current wasn't strong too. Isn't that nice? Unfortunately, we've already canceled our trip to PD becoz we are going to Penang instead for an upcoming dog trial. We are staying in Aurora Court. A condotel that allows dogs & the rooms are cheap!

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

Kay said...

I would love to take Pearly to the beach but so far I haven't find one that allows furball or possibly it's just me who's avoiding the beach scene.

CoCo said...

I wish I could visit the Beach! You look like you had a wonderful time!