Monday, July 16, 2007

Dear Donut

Day 1 - The day after your passing, we felt the emptiness and missed you so. Coolboy would cry just thinking of you. Endless tears rolled down his eyes whenever someone mentions your name. We are both sad and wonder for how long.

Day 3 - We brought home your ashes today and felt peace that we made the right decision to cremate. Somehow, a little sadness was uplifted today because you were near us in spirit. Coolboy is still feeling very sad and I grieved along.

Day 4 - Coolboy and myself went to Ipoh to visit a pug breeder. I was against getting a new pug so soon but went along to get my mind of the sadness surrounding us. We saw the puppies but did not choose one. After the trip I felt better but Coolboy insists he must get another pug. What do you think Donut ? Shall we take home another one so soon ? Both of us decided it's too soon and will wait a little while longer.

Day 10 - Coolboy made a special tribute and finnished the video today. The tribute was beautiful and touching. We miss you so.

Day 12 - Both of us visited a black pug today and I must say we are drawn to her - yes it's a female black pug. It's very unusual to find a black pug here in Malaysia and we are thinking seriously to take her home. She is a real cute girl but her tail was down all the time, which bothered us. Coolboy wants to adopt a pug quick and I wanted to wait a while as both of us are still grieving. It will not be fair to the other pug because whoever we choose right now will always be a replacement and treated second to our best, Donut. This did not feel right to me. (sigh) We have one week to decide.

Donut, our hearts have grieved for you so long that there are no tears left. Coolboy misses you a lot which is not surprising as you were closest to him. He would talk to you as if you were still around. While you are happily playing at the Rainbow Bridge, don't forget to pray for us and look over us like you always do. Take care, Donut.

Coolboy & Nicejellybean


Manda Girl said...

This brought tears to my eyes when reading it. Nothing in the world could replace your Donut - but maybe having a little black pug around would help in the grieving process. Donut will always be with you and watching over you. Like all pugs, he would want you to be happy - go with your heart and bring her home.

***Willow, Belle & Old Man Turbo's Mom*** said...

SO touching...I too had tears in my eyes reading this. A Black Pug may be a nice way to go...What ever you decide I know Donut approves. Who ever you decided to bring home he/she will have a Wonderful Guarding Pug~Angel looking over him/her.

Manda Girl said...

Meimei would be a nice name for a little pug :)

Anonymous said...

SORRY to hear abt Donut. he's so lucky to have both you & my brother as the great loving parents. so as you to have him. it's sad/painful to leave him. but as you said, cheers to Donut to fulfill his role, end his pain in leaving this world. I'm sure he's happy in the Heaven where there's no pain/sufferings. He would definitely doesn't want to see you be sad, but be happy and strong! :)

Cheers & sincerely yours,
khar yean

rpm said...

Thank you for your sweet comment about my Chichi. I feel she must be with Donut and probably licking Donut's ears right now. chichi loved to take care of the other pugs by licking their ears and eyes. Thank you for the grief Web site. I will go visit there.

almond said...

It's very shocking
I cried too. I still feel the same pain whn i found out that my precious apple had left me two years ago. I wanted to find a pug to replace apple ever since but I cannot bring myself to do Im still pugless.anyway, i fully supported your idea of getting another pug. I didnt have the strength and condition to own a pug, but I hope you will.

Donut & chiChi (Ragus pug blog) can play with my apple now.