Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinese New Year

This year Chinese New Year is held from 7th February to be exact and the festival lasts for 15 days. Over here in Malaysia, the festival is celebrated on a less grandeur scale as compared to the people in China/Hong Kong Kong and Taiwan. On the eve, we all attended the REUNION dinner at my Grandma's house and we also enthusiastically wore red on that night. She cooks the most yummylicious and delicious dishes for this special day. My hoomans ate sweet and sour prawns, fried chicken wings, fried fish, green vegetables, duck soup and pork stew. Me = zero.

But OOoooo ... I smell different kind of foods around the house these days. Hee hee, I smell (anti-clockwise) mandarin oranges, pork jerky, nian guo, sweet rice crackers and pork floss. I ate some pork jerky and boy, it tasted gooood that I insisted on having more. Oh no, I think me .... and Nicejellybean have really put on weight after eating and eating and eating for the past 4days ! Boy, we were stuffed. Somehow, my weight has increased to 7.9kgs so Coolboy decided that I should go on a diet until I am back to my ideal weight of 7.5kgs. (shucks!)

I also wore so many new clothes because Nicejellybean bought 4 outfits for me for Chinese New Year. I think because she believes it is good luck to wear new clothes on the first, second, third and fourth day. She bought them cheap from the 'pasar malam' ( weekly night market) and 1 -2 year old baby section in Carrefour Hypermarket. I likey them all because I look like a pwetty chinese princess.

The favourite red "cheongsam" which I wore for the Reunion Dinner on Chinese New Year Eve.

Pwetty flower and butterfly motifs on my dress

You are my yellow sunshine dress

OK time for another change of outfit

me wearing a frilly pink dress

Doncha I look like a pwetty Princess ? Where is my Prince CHARMING , where ?

I call this my most oriental one because of the dragon motif at the back.

Nicejellybean has even bought a cute outfit for my Valentines Day which you must see ... in the next post.

Wishing You & Your Family "A Happy & Prosperous 2008" & "Gong Xi Fa Cai"! We hope that everyone are having a wonderful time celebrating with their family and friends.


Amber-Mae said...

Mimi, that pork jerky sounds yummy! I like bah gua alot! I got a few pieces yesterday & today...Your new clothes & dress are really nice! Would love to see your Valentine's dress. I got one too but it's actually not mine. It's my mommy's evening gown, kekeke!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

CoCo said...

MiMi, you are too cute! You look like my distance relative. All your Chinese New Year's outfits look really pretty on you. Unfortunately, I don't like to wear clothes. My Mama said that I'm a girl dog that acts like a boy dog. Your Chinese New Year celebration looked very grand even though you said it is not as big as Hong Kong or Taiwan. In the smaller cities in America, it is really a much smaller celebration, if not at all.
It was really nice to meet you! I think you are super cute! Happy Chinese New Year!