Monday, February 25, 2008

Chinese New Year Pawty

Last Friday evening we all went for a Chinese New Year pawty which was organized by Amber the Big Dog and her Family. Before the pawty started, I played at a small open space near their house which double-up as a training ground for dogs. However, the obstacles there was a little too challenging for me so I just walked around instead. At 7pm there were a few people but by 8pm more than 20 persons and many more doggies arrived. Wow, I was excited and exhausted already by then when all those doggies and their Hoomans turned up one after another !

Hey, Spotty ... can you spot how many furkids are there ??

Chilling out in the living room.

Me taking a rest and watching everybody else. Oops, I've lost count already !

There was delicious food for me and Hoomans too. I enjoyed all the special dog treats made by Amber's Mommy and when I wanted to have some more later, there were none left! I guess everydoggy lurved the treats a lot.

Dog treats - baked cakes and chicken liver

Guess what, the Big Dogs went around each Guest asking for pawty favours ! Chloe and Faith waited patiently for some nice food in front of Coolboy. They are so good at this that within seconds the Big Dogs were enjoying pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hmmm note to self, I must learn from them and impersonate their threatening "Please can I some more food" face.

The Big Dogs - Faith and Chloe (L-R) can be very persistent in their quest to have a piece of chicken. Finally, Coolboy could not resist their charming faces and gave them each some yummy Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The pawty was like a mini dog carnival with food and games. I participated in 2 games - "Best Tricks" and "The Fastest Eating & Drinking Duo". In the video below, I was a nervous wreck and touched the wrong place but I got it right the 2nd time. I also performed other simple tricks - sit and circle around.

The second game was The Longest Sit Stay. Faith (below right) the Sit Stay "champion" was there just to challenge the rest not to break their stay. Duchess (below left) came in third place. Both of them look so regal in their positions, don't you think ? The third game was the fastest eating and drinking duo. In this game I had to eat a piece of cocktail sausage whilst Nicejellybean quickly drank her cup of water. The Duo that finnishes everything wins a prize.

Later, our Hosts entertained and performed a few tricks for all of us. I enjoyed watching this one - The Elephant Trick by Amber and Chloe

Oh did I mention that the Big Dogs are crawzy about tennis balls. They have eyes fixed on balls that no matter how high or far you throw those balls .... the Big Dogs always manage to catch them. Amazing !

Chloe and Amber (L-R)

Throughout the evening, I could not I could not keep my paws off my new friend, Bosco. He was so light and fluffy. I had fun chasing and playing with him the whole night.

I was tad overly too friendly that I think Bosco was kind of relieved when I went home with Coolboy and Nicejellybean. Hee, Hee.

I also won prizes in those 2 games and that made my Hoomans so happy. The prizes were 2 delicious muffins which I gobbled up as after-dinner dessert the next day. In addition, I also received a screwball dog toy. (so happy)

The pawty was well organised and I think everybody felt at home at the Big Dogs' house. Although I was the only Pug at this dog meetup, I had no problem networking with other new friends but I felt more at ease with breeds my own size. This is one pawty I'll never forget. Awesome !


Amber-Mae said...

I'm glad you had a pawsome time at our place! Hehehe, I noticed me humping Faith in the background of your tricks video, hee! Gosh, I was doing the 'elephant' trick like no doggy's business! I look sooo funny spinning around the tub like that. We will try & come up with another great pawty next year. Will definitely invite you guys again! I hope the muffins were nice.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

lizzyl said...

this looks like a great party! you are lucky you get to be such a social butterfly!